Seeking ISIE Web Strategist

Seeking volunteers – web strategist

With new features, such as a blog, a job market, a personalized newsletter, and visible member sites including links to professional websites and social media profiles, the new ISIE website has the potential to enhance the value of the ISIE to i...

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Seeking ISIE Blog Editor

Seeking volunteers - Blog editor

With its new blog site, the International Society for Industrial Ecology seeks to promote discussions about important research topics and their implications for society, industry and policy makers. Blogs may discuss or promote specific research, but shou...

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Summary of EEIO efforts in the US

Following discussion at the IO special section session at the ISIE conference last month, here is collected information and links to EEIO databases dealing with the US. 


The EIO-LCA website hosted by Carnegie Mellon website provides web browser based platfor...

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New Horizons in Civil Engineering 2018 - Conference Announcement

Abstract submissions open and due July 31st, 2017 for New Horizons in Civil Engineering 2018.

This unique conference focusses on the new challenges, ideas, solutions and applications in green Civil Engineering.

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Special JIE Issue on Circular Economy

The issue contains two articles on Industrial Symbiosis according to Reid Lifset. The Journal of Industrial Ecology is pleased to announce a special issue, Exploring the Circular Economy. Interest in the circular economy has grown remarkably in recent years. Viewed as a concept by some, a framework ...

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EEIO courses globally

This is the link to the list of courses that are taught globally on EEIO. Please add details of your own course!



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EEIO section meeting

The ISIE section on Environmentally Extended Input Output Analysis will hold a meeting at the upcoming ISIE/ISSST conference in Chicago on Monday, June 26, from 4:00-5:00 PM at the Forum, Room D.


· Introductions
· Discuss prioritization of EEIO Sec...

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New ISIE website launched

At the welcome reception of the ISIE/ISSST 2017 Joint Conference, ISIE President Edgar Hertwich unveiled the new website of the International Society for Industrial Ecology. The website was completely restructured to offer various new tools and take advantage of the latest standards.

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Industrial ecologists: Make research results available!

Researchers and stakeholders in industrial ecology often find it difficult to access and re-use the results of quantitative analyses described in the literature. The International Society for Industrial Ecology has convened a task force for data transparency to develop and propose concrete initiativ...

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OSCEDays 2017

OSCEDays 2017 events running now: participate, learn, share, make circular good stuff. Silvia Leahu-Aluas has a post on our Linked In site about this topic topic.

Find the LinkedIn post here.


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Workshop on Data Mining for Industrial Ecology

We are proud to host our first data mining for industrial ecology workshop on Sunday June 25 during the ISIE biennale conference in Chicago.

During the workshop, the participants will learn the rudiments of Big Data and machine learning, covering concepts of supervised and unsupervised ...

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ISIE 2017 Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) Section Meeting in Chicago

For ISIE 2017, the Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) section will hold its meeting on Tuesday, June 27th from 7PM to 9PM in ERF room 1043. The Engineering Research Facility (ERF) building is located at 842 West Taylor Street (6-min walk from the main conference venue).

The meeting is open...

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