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Dear all,

Some of you might already know about the work we are doing at Metabolism of Cities (an online and open source web platform).

For some years now, we have tried to centralise information (articles, research projects, data, etc.) around urban metabolism. That also le...

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UNCEEA Global Consultation on Global Economy Wide Material Flow Accounting Manual

  UNCEEA Global Consultation on Global Economy Wide Material Flow Accounting Manual [from:]

Deadline: 1 March 2019

A global consultation is currently being h...

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Member Spotlights: David Bristow

David Bristow is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Victoria where he runs the Cities and Infrastructure Systems Lab ( and where is a member of the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems (IESVic,

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ISIE moves from Yale to Leiden

For 20 years, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies has served as the host and secretariat of the International Society for Industrial Ecology,  thanks to the effort of the ISIE founding president, Professor Thomas Graedel. This arrangement ensured a good start and has served th...

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ISIE Prizes - Call for Nominations

International Society for Industrial Ecology Prizes

Society Prize

For outstanding contributions to fundamental industrial ecology.  Presented biannually.

Laudise Prize

For significant contributions to industrial ecology by a young   ...

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CSIE announces annual awards

The Chinese Society for Industrial Ecology (CSIE) is pleased to announce the annual awards for 2018:

Research Frontier Award: Lei Shi, Tsinghua University

Young Scholar Awards:

Shen Qu, University of Michigan Mingxing Sun, Institute of Geographic Sciences an...

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Newcastle University- ONE Planet

Newcastle to train next generation of global change scientists PhD funding at Newcastle University and Northumbria University to train scientists to transform our understanding of planet Earth. 

ONE Planet vision is to provide a training environment that develops and fosters innov...

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Call for Conference Proposals - ISIE 2021

We would like invite proposals for hosting the 2021 (20 year anniversary) biannual ISIE conference in 2021. Recent conferences in Surrey (2015) and Chicago (2017) have attracted 600 participants each, up from ca. 300 20 years ago. The society would be happy to return to Europe for the conference. We...

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Member Spotlights: Zhaoyu Kou

I am a PhD student in the School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University, specializing in the field of Operations Research. My current research interest focuses on the optimization of sustainable multi-modal urban transportation systems and the understanding of urban travel patt...

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Obituary: Stefan Gossling-Reisemann

We mourn our long time colleague, Stefan Gößling-Reisemann, who has been a Professor at the University of Bremen, a member of the artec Research Center Sustainability in Bremen since 2003, editor for book reviews for the Journal of Industrial Ecology, and a valued part of th...

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Winners of the 2017 Graedel Prizes

In 2013, the Graedel Prizes were established to honor Professor Thomas Graedel, now emeritus at Yale University after an outstanding career as researcher and pioneer in the field of industrial ecology (IE). The prizes are awarded to the best two papers published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology ...

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Democracy Now!

The liberal world order is in decay as civic participation crumbles, social participation gives room to passive consumption, and citizens let themselves be overpowered by the elites. Not so in the ISIE! A hardy band of dedicated nominating committee members has produced an excellent slate of diverse...

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