Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-industrial Development

Those of us with a passion for translating the theories of industrial ecology into practice are pleased to announce the Section of the International Society for Industrial Ecology devoted to industrial symbiosis. Practitioners might be more familiar with the terms Eco-Industrial development or Eco-Industrial networking, rather than industrial symbiosis. I hope you will choose to enroll in the Industrial Symbiosis/Eco-Industrial Development Section of the International Society for Industrial Ecology. At future ISIE conferences, members from our section will serve as moderators for industrial symbiosis presentations. Download bylaws here.

If you are interested in Industrial Symbiosis, Eco-Industrial Development, are a practitioner or an academic; we invite you to join the Industrial Symbiosis Eco-Industrial Development Council. We have posted by-laws and information on creating indicators for eco-industrial parks which we hope to engage our community of members in discussing and preparing.

The purpose of this Section is to develop industrial symbiosis internationally in academia and to promote its application in policy and businesses. This includes establishing and maintaining cooperation with international organizations, companies, and government organizations.

Become a section member!