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SEM Section bylaws Metabolism EEIO Section bylaws Input-Output Cornell Handbook on Codes, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Eco-Industrial Parks Symbiosis International survey on Eco-Innovation Parks Symbiosis Rising to Global Challenges: 25 Years of Industrial Ecology Report of 1st ISRS in New Haven, 2004 Symbiosis Report of 2nd ISRS in Stockholm, 2005 Symbiosis Report of 4th ISRS in Toronto, 2007 Symbiosis Report of 6th ISRS in Kalundborg, 2009 Symbiosis Report of 11th ISRS in Melbourne, 2014 (informal meeting) Symbiosis Report of 12th ISRS in Lausanne, 2015 Symbiosis LCSA Section Bylaws Life-cycle Industrial ecology: notes from past ISIE presidents Data transparency in Industrial Ecology LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-06-07 Life-cycle LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-06-28 Life-cycle LCSA Presentation at ISIE Surrey (2015) Life-cycle LCSA Presentation at ISIE Ulsan (2013) Life-cycle ISIE Student Chapter 2018-2019 elections personal statements Students SUS Section Bylaws Urban systems ISIE Student Chapter 2019-2020 elections personal statements Students ISIE Bylaws (2019 update) Meeting minutes - ISIE board meeting: September 2, 2019 ISIE Student Chapter 2017-2018 elections personal statements Students LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-10-05 Life-cycle LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-11-02 Life-cycle World Economic Forum, & PwC. (2018). Circular Economy in Cities. Evolving the model for a sustainable urban future. Urban systems Environmental Input Output Courses Input-Output Standard Nomenclature? Input-Output Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2019. Cites and Circular Economy for Food Urban systems Meeting minutes - ISIE board meeting: May 13, 2019 Meeting minutes - ISIE board meeting: Feb 11, 2019 Housekeeping Rules of The International Society for Industrial Ecology

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