The International Society for Industrial Ecology has an extensive committee structure to further the goals of the Society and its members.  If you would like to be considered for any of these committees, please contact us.



Heinz Schandl Australia President
Christopher Kennedy Canada Past President
Edgar Hertwich USA  Secretary of Committee
Gang Liu Denmark Former Award Recipient
Marina Fischer-Kowalski Austria Former Award Recipient
Alissa Kendall USA Former Award Recipient
Roland Clift United Kingdom Former Award Recipient
Yuichi Moriguchi Japan Former Award Recipient



Purpose of Awards Committee

The primary purpose of the Awards Committee is to administer the Society’s biennial Society Award and Laudise Medal. The Committee will develop and re-evaluate criteria, descriptions, and procedures for the awarding process.  The Committee is also charged with examining the on-going policies and procedures associated with the awards program; as well as calling for, reviewing, and judging award nominations.



Stefan Pauliuk Germany  Member
Francesca Verones Norway  Member
Gang Liu Denmark  Member
Lynette Cheah Singapore  Member
Jonathan Cullen United Kingdom  Member
Junming Zhu China  Member
Edgar Hertwich USA  Immediate Past-president


Purpose of the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee will call for nominations of elected positions within the Society, analyze the results and hold an election for members.   The Nominating Committee and ISIE staff will hold an information session at ISIE annual events at which interested members can ask questions and discuss qualifications for the opening roles.  This will open up the candidate field for the committee and introduce them to new researchers interested in being more involved with the Society.



Tomer Fishman Israel Co-chair
Anna Petit Boix Germany Co-chair
Edgar Hertwich Norway Immediate Past President
Stijn Van Ewijk United Kingdom Conference Committee Member
Weslynne Ashton United States Conference Committee Member
Paul Currie South Africa Conference Committee Member
Matthew Eckelman United States Conference Committee Member
Shoshanna Saxe Canada Conference Committee Member
Keisuke Nansai Japan Conference Committee Member
Anders Hammer Stromman Europe Conference Committee Member


Purpose of the Conference Committee

The primary purpose of this Committee is to develop a plan for all the meetings held by or jointly sponsored by the Society.  The Committee will call for, gather and review proposals of potential hosts for upcoming biennial ISIE Conferences. The Committee will also re-evaluate the structure of the conferences financially, geographically and programmatically and find other Societies or groups that can be engaged in ISIE conference-related activities. This will involve evaluating related conferences and events that potentially compete with ISIE conferences and then determining how ISIE conferences can maintain strength among them.

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