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The ISIE is a non-profit society registered in The Netherlands. The mission of the ISIE is to promote the use of industrial ecology in research, education, policy, community development, and industrial practices. In order to work towards our mission, we would like to ask for your support.

Through this page you can donate to the ISIE, be it to a specific project or to the ISIE's general operating budget. All donations are reflected in our annual reports, and our finances are discussed every year at our annual general meeting. All support makes a difference, and donations of any size are highly appreciated.

Below we outline the different projects that we are seeking donations for, and we explain how funds will be used for each initiative.

Introductory Lecture Series

The ISIE is setting up an introductory lecture series, in which seasoned industrial ecology academics teach the basic principles of different methods and principles within our field. These videos will be made available to the general public under a creative commons license, allowing anyone to view and re-use these videos.

Donations will contribute to the video editing and general overseeing of this project.

Diversity and inclusion initiative

ISIE believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our mission to create innovative solutions to global sustainability challenges and facilitate communication among diverse stakeholders. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture where all people have the opportunity to contribute to, benefit from, and shape the field of Industrial Ecology.

Any funds donated to this initiative will be used in a way that the Diversity & Inclusion officers best see fit. Every year progress will be shared with the membership through the annual report and at the annual general meeting.

General donation

Funds donated in this category will be added to the overall ISIE budget.

Bursaries for students

These funds will be made available to allow for more student representation at the ISIE conferences. Bursaries can contribute to the conference fees, or support travel expenses, in order to allow students that would otherwise have been unable to attend to participate in our events.

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