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The ISIE Socioeconomic Metabolism perpetual online conference – announcement and first session

Dear ISIE members,

We’re happy to announce the ISIE Socioeconomic Metabolism Section perpetual online conference and its first session.

Introducing the ISIE-SEM Perpetual Online Conference

Due to current circumstances and uncertainties around Covid-19, th...

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Guideline Proposal for Data Modelling in MFA - Request for feedback from section members

Dear members of the section for socioeconomic metabolism section and fellow MFA practitioners,

A large number of datasets are being compiled and produced as part of material flow analysis (MFA) research, but many of them are not available or cumbersome to extract (pdf, lacking systems c...

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14th ISIE-SEM Section Conference during EcoBalance 2020 from September 8 - 11 in Japan (updated)

Dear SEM section members,

We are glad to announce that the 14th ISIE-SEM section conference will be held during EcoBalance 2020 from September 8 - 11 in Japan. The SEM section
meeting will be organized as a special session in EcoBalance 2020 which is an international conference on...

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New SEM board elected

In November the Socio-Economic Metabolism (SEM) section held elections for a new board. There was a great list of candidates to choose from and we would like to thank all members who made themselves available for this election, as well as all the people who voted in this election. The new board that...

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Major update of the industrial ecology database now available!

The prototype of an industrial ecology data commons (IEDC), based on a comprehensive data model for socioeconomic metabolism ( and hosted at the University of Freiburg, Germany, contains now almost 1.1 million data points in 180 datasets.

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Make sustainability science a cumulative effort!

The work life of a researcher working sustainable development can be frustrating at times, owing to widespread pay-wall publishing, poor data reporting practices, and in parts low standards for conducting sound and reproducible research. Still today, too many doctoral candidates start their work wit...

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Good Scientific Practice in Industrial Ecology - A Factsheet

Inspired by discussions during the ISIE conference in Beijing, I compiled a fact sheet on Good Scientific Practice in Industrial Ecology, based on some teaching material that I had available and input from colleagues who are acknowledged.

The document, which is available under

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Socio Economic Metabolism (SEM) section meeting from 16:30 in room 5104

Dear ISIE Members,   We look forward to seeing many of you today during the Socio Economic Metabolism (SEM) section meeting at ISIE 2019 in Beijing.   The meeting will run from 16:30 to 18:00 in room 5104.  The agenda is as follows: 1. Opening remarks 2. Past Activities, ISIE-S...

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Public consultation on the European Investment Bank Energy Lending Policy (ongoing, request for inputs/ideas, deadline 29/3)

[note:  I also posted this message on the OpenMod Forum, link]

Dear all,

For those working on climate & energy related research: the EIB is currently requesting inputs for its financing policy related to energy infrastructure, in the context of accelerati...

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UNCEEA Global Consultation on Global Economy Wide Material Flow Accounting Manual

  UNCEEA Global Consultation on Global Economy Wide Material Flow Accounting Manual [from:]

Deadline: 1 March 2019

A global consultation is currently being h...

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Industrial Ecology Data Commons Prototype is now online

Dear colleagues from industrial ecology and beyond,


The lack of data sharing and the required infrastructure in environmental systems analysis are a major barrier to cumulative research. To move forward, I worked on a general data model for socioeconomic metabolism a...

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Save the Date: 13th ISIE Socio-Economic Metabolism Section Conference, May 13 – May 15, 2019

Save the Date!

We are pleased to announce the

13th ISIE Socio-Economic Metabolism Section Conference

Harnack-House, Berlin, Germany

May 13 – May 15, 2019

We will post further information on this website soon!

Helga ...

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