We have three different membership types, as can be seen in the table below. Student memberships are available to all students currently enrolled at a university. Young professional memberships are available to all people who graduated from their most recent degree within the last 3 years. Regular memberships are available for all other people.

All these membership fees are for 2 year memberships.

Regular membership Young Professional Student
High income countries € 150 ($173) € 120 ($138) € 15 ($17)
Upper-middle income countries € 120 ($138) € 90 ($104) € 10 ($12)
Lower-middle income countries € 75 ($86) € 60 ($69) € 5 ($6)
Low income countries € 55 ($63) € 40 ($46) € 0 ($0)

NOTE: dollar prices are estimated prices in US dollars; the fees are charged in euros and banks may apply other exchange rates.

In order to make our membership accessible to people from a wide variety of countries and income levels, we have applied a pricing system that varies depending on the country of residence of the member. We use the World Bank's Atlas method to classify countries.

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