We have three different membership types, as can be seen in the table below. Student memberships are available to all students currently enrolled at a university. Young professional memberships are available to all people who graduated from their most recent degree within the last 3 years. Regular memberships are available for all other people.

All these membership fees cover membership for at least 1 year and up to 2 years. Those signing up for membership before 1 October 2024 will be members until 31 December 2025.

Regular membership Young Professional Student
High income countries € 150 ($173) € 120 ($138) € 15 ($17)
Upper-middle income countries € 120 ($138) € 90 ($104) € 10 ($12)
Lower-middle income countries € 75 ($86) € 60 ($69) € 5 ($6)
Low income countries € 55 ($63) € 40 ($46) € 0 ($0)

NOTE: dollar prices are estimated prices in US dollars; the fees are charged in euros and banks may apply other exchange rates.

In order to make our membership accessible to people from a wide variety of countries and income levels, we have applied a pricing system that varies depending on the country of residence of the member. We use the World Bank's Atlas method to classify countries.

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Please note: ISIE memberships expire December 31st, one year after the current year. We encourage people to register early in the year to take full advantage of their membership. Memberships registered or renewed after October 1st will extend to December 31st two years from now.