The Society Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to the field of  industrial ecology. There are no specific requirements for this award, which could be centered on a single particular accomplishment or those of a career. It is the ISIE's highest recognition of professional achievement.

The past recipients are:

2015 Roland Clift and Reid Lifset
2013 Yuichi Moriguchi
2011 Gjalt Huppes
2009 John Ehrenfeld
2007 Thomas Graedel
2005 Robert Frosch
2003 Robert U. Ayres

The Laudise Young Researcher Prize

The Laudise Prize is awarded outstanding achievements in industrial ecology by a researcher under the age of 36, endowed by AT&T in memory of Robert Laudise.

The past recipients are:
2015 Ming Xu
2013 Matthew Eckelman & Alissa Kendall
2011 Anders Stromman
2009 Sangwon Suh
2007 Scott Matthews
2005 Arpad Horvath
2003 Edgar Hertwich

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