Our highlight this week: Yuan Yao

    Dr. Yuan Yao is the Assistant Professor of Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Systems at Yale University. She earned her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in the U.S. and a B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Northeastern University in ...

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Our highlight this week: Weslynne Ashton

Weslynne is Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Sustainability at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on industrial ecology and the circular economy, or how to optimize energy, water, and material resource flows as well as human benefits in socio-...

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Our highlight this week: Oleksandr Galychyn




 Oleksandr is a Ph.D. student at Parthenope University of Naples, Italy. He focuses on the reconceptualization of the optimal physical structure (size, shape and pattern) and functional characteristics of urban socio-ecol...

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Our highlight this week: Arnas Palaima

Arnas Palaima is a Marie Curie Fellow in Ecological Economics at University of Cambridge. Currently Arnas’s key research interest is eco-innovation, ecological economics and ecosystem-based management (EBM) of coastal/marine social-ecological systems. More specifically Arnas seeks to quantify ...

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SUS Open Zoom Sessions on Online Teaching and Research Ideas During COVID-19

Dear SUS Members, 

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting billions of people around the world, the SUS Board would like to let you know that we are here for you. We hope you are all safe and we naturally stand with you if you or your family were affected by the virus.


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Our highlight this week: Alemayehu Woldeamanuel



Alemayehu Woldeamanuel is a PhD Student in Environment & Development at Addis Ababa University. Alemayehu is at the early stage of writing a PhD proposal in the area of urban sustainability. He is specifically interested in studying urb...

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Princeton Conference on Urban Sustainability Transitions in India & The World


Join the M.S. Chadha Center for Global India for its first annual conference Urban Sustainability Transitions in India and the World Mar. 27-28
Free and fully online ...

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10th Annual Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy //

SISE is a two-week "boot camp" for future decision makers eager to join the sustainability and energy revolution happening around the globe. Held annually since 2011, the program boasts over 450 alumni. Participants come from around the world and are chosen from a highly competitive pool ...

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Our highlight this week: Ben Goldstein

Ben is a Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Michigan. He is a broadly trained engineer who combines methods and theory from industrial ecology and geography to explore urban sustainability. Ben is excited by questions of how urban consumption induces environmental and social change at dista...

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Call for Expressions of Interest - Digital Panel Discussions

Greetings Sustainable Urban Systems section members,

This is a call for expressions of interest from the SUS board for hosting electronic panel discussions on matter pertaining to urban sustainability. With 2020 being an important year for addressing the climate emergency and other sust...

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Call for Expressions of Interest - e-Workshops

Hello SUS Members,

The Sustainable Urban Systems section would like to issue a call for expressions of interest to ISIE members in conducting e-Workshops. These workshops are intended to provide a platform for you to share a novel method or tool related to your work with an in...

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Our highlight this week: Hessam Azarijafari

Hessam is a Postdoctoral Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is an industrial ecology researcher with a background in civil engineering and construction management. His research strives to make the current life cycle modeling and technosphere-ecosphere interact...

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