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Green growth now !

05 Apr 2022
by Edgar Hertwich, Ranran Wang, Valentina Assenova.   Summary: Concerned about GHG emission reductions slowing economic growth, China and India weakened the COP26 Glasgow Climate Pact. Our research suggests decarbonization and growth are independent processes. Delaying one to achieve the...
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Is e-waste a threat or an opportunity for small-island economies to transition to a circular economy?

Elham Mohammadi (ISIE profile) Electronic waste is considered a global ecological issue as well as a valuable source of materials by an immense body of research. Various concerns have been raised about e-waste, including air, water, and soil pollutions, geopolitical supply risk of metals, planned...
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The evolution of consumer electronic waste in the United States

03 Nov 2021
Shahana Althaf and Callie Babbitt   Today we live in a technology-dependent world, where new electronics are constantly flooding the market and consumers are tempted to upgrade their working gadgets with newer and shinier models. As a result, news articles and academic studies have warned of...
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Community Solar Prioritization Tool

25 Feb 2021
My Center - the California Center for Sustainable Communities, -- has just recently launched a new tool. The solar opportunity map is a web tool built to assist community-based organizations to find the best places for community solar or resiliency centers...
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An indicator framework for monitoring progress towards a circular economy

09 Jul 2020
This blog post is part of a series on the 2019 Graedel Prize Winners. Read the other blog post here: Mapping urban material flows with freight data. From left to right: Fridolin Krausmann, Andreas Mayer, Dominik Wiedenhofer, Willi Haas (not shown: co-Authors Philip Nuss and Gian Andrea...
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Mapping urban material flows with freight data

09 Jul 2020
This blog post is part of a series on the 2019 Graedel Prize Winners. Read the other blog post here: An indicator framework for monitoring progress towards a circular economy. Click here to view the original paper. From the parcel containing your latest online purchase to the concrete and...
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The COVID-19 Response: The challenges and promise for input-output modeling and related disciplines

Nations around the world are taking unprecedented measures to control the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The measures include shutting down large sectors of the economy leaving only ‘essential’ services like medical care and food supply operating, requiring or requesting that...
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Call for joint research about the environmental consequences of the COVID-19 effect

26 Mar 2020
I hope you are all in good health. I'm writing this post to suggest that we joint forces on collaborative research across nations related to the consequences of the COVID-19 spread on daily behavior and its potential environmental impact. The sudden “Corona Revolution” created an...
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Let’s forget about “the” circular economy indicator

Have you been thinking of ”circular economy” indicators lately? A lot of us have, and we think the industrial ecology community has an important role to play in this debate. Today, the suggestions for monitoring a circular economy are scattered and the objectives go apart. Given the...
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13th ISIE SEM Conference stats and group picture

Last week we had our 13th conference of the socio-economic metabolism section of the ISIE, from 13-15 May in Harnack Haus, Berlin. We were a little bit late - the conference was originally planned for 2018 - but I hope it was worth the wait for most. It definitely was for me! Thanks to a great team...
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Research infrastructure needs for industrial ecology - Some reflections to spur a discussion during this year’s conference season.

 The future of industrial ecology research will be more collaborative. Tackling pressing research questions with high quality science will require more work and knowledge than what the typical PhD candidate-postdoc-supervisor constellation can encompass, and deep collaboration in large...
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Circular Economy Rebound - 2017 Graedel Prize Blog Post Series

11 Dec 2018
This blog post is part of a series on the 2017 Graedel Prize Winners. Read the other blog post here: Choice of Allocations and Constructs for Attributional or Consequential Life Cycle Assessment and Input‐Output Analysis.. Questioning conventional thinking is never easy. In the case of the...
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