Socio-Economic Metabolism

 ISIE’s SEM Section is the largest global network of researchers employing material flow analysis as a tool for environmental sustainability assessment. The purpose of this Section is to develop material flow analysis internationally in academia and to promote its application in policy and businesses. This includes establishing and maintaining cooperation with international organizations, companies, and government organizations. The SEM Section was formally approved by the ISIE Council in summer 2008. In the fall, we developed Section by-laws, which the Council approved in December 2008. As an ISIE member, you may join the SEM Section and benefit from its services at no additional fees. In addition to the general ISIE benefits, a Section membership has the following advantages: Reduced fees for biennial ConAccount conferences, Regular information about SEM related events, publications, etc. The by-laws foresee biennial elections of the Section Board, which consists of seven Board members including one student member.

Formerly known as “Material Flow Analysis – ConAccount” (or short “MFA Section”)

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