Educational Resources


Title Author Publication year
Sustainable Engineering: Principles and Practice Bhavik R. Bakshi 2019
Industrial Ecology: Policy Framework and Implementation B.R. Allenby 1998
Industrial Ecology and Global Change C. Andrews, F. Berkhout, R. Socolow, V. Thomas (Editors) 1997
Perspectives on Industrial Ecology Dominique Bourg, Suren Erkman (Editors) 2003
International Perspectives on Industrial Ecology Donald I. Lyons, Jun Bi, Pauline Deutz (Editors) 2015
Discovering Industrial Ecology: An Executive Briefing and Sourcebook E. A. Lowe, John L. Warren, Stephen R. Moran 1997
The Social Embeddedness of Industrial Ecology Frank Boons, Jennifer A. Howard-Grenville 2009
Life Cycle Assessment: Quantitative Approaches for Decisions That Matter H. Scott Matthews, Chris T. Hendrickson, Deanna H. Matthews 2014
Developing Industrial Ecosystems: Approaches, Cases, and Tools Marian Chertow, Michelle Portlock 2002
Life Cyle Assessment: Theory and Practice Michael Z. Hauschild, Ralph K. Rosenbaum, Stig Irving Olsen 2018
Handbook of Material Flow Analysis: For Environmental, Resource, and Waste Engineers, Second Edition Paul H. Brunner, Helmut Rechberger 2016
A Handbook of Industrial Ecology Robert U. Ayres, Leslie Ayres (Editors) 2002
Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology Roland Clift and Angela Druckman (Editors) 2015
Pollution Prevention: Sustainability, Industrial Ecology, and Green Engineering (Second Edition) Ryan Dupont, Kumar Ganesan, Louis Theodore 2016
Handbook of Input-Output Economics in Industrial Ecology Sangwon Suh (Editor) 2010
Industrial Ecology: Environmental Chemistry and Hazardous Waste Stanley E. Manahan 1999
Vers une écologie industrielle: Comment mettre en pratique le développement durable dans une société hyper-industrielle Suren Erkman 2004
Applied Industrial Ecology: A New Platform for Planning Sustainable Societies Suren Erkman, Ramesh Ramaswamy 2003
Greening the Industrial Facility: Perspectives, Approaches, and Tools T.E. Graedal and J.A. Howard-Grenville 2005
Streamlined Life-cycle Assessment T.E. Graedel 1998
Industrial Ecology (2nd Edition) T.E. Graedel 2002
Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering T.E. Graedel and B.R. Allenby 2009

Degree programs

Name Type Institution Date of entry
Industrial Ecology Masters University of Victoria Jan 21, 2022
Industrial Ecology Masters Chalmers University of Technology Jan 21, 2022


Title Level Institution Date of entry
Industrial Ecology Open Online Course Undergraduate University of Freiburg Jan 21, 2022
Introduction à l'analyse du cycle de vie Undergraduate Centre international de référence sur le cycle de vie (CIRAIG) Jan 25, 2022
Industrial Ecology Undergraduate, continuing studies University of Oulu Jan 25, 2022
A Circular Economy of Metals: Towards a Sustainable Societal Metabolism Undergraduate Universiteit Leiden Jan 25, 2022