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Thanks for a great ISIE-SEM 2022!

Transforming socio-economic metabolism in times of multiple crises 19-21 September 2022, Vienna, Austria The ISIE-SEM conference 2022 that took place from 19-12 September 2022 in Vienna was a great success. More than 180 colleagues from the wo...
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Sustainability and Transitions Research: Taking the High Road

In a recent opinion paper, [1] Julian Kirchherr complains about that “up to 50% of the articles that are now being published in many interdisciplinary sustainability and transitions journals may be categorized as “scholarly bullshit&rd...
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Let’s forget about “the” circular economy indicator

Have you been thinking of ”circular economy” indicators lately? A lot of us have, and we think the industrial ecology community has an important role to play in this debate. Today, the suggestions for monitoring a circular economy are ...
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13th ISIE SEM Conference stats and group picture

Last week we had our 13th conference of the socio-economic metabolism section of the ISIE, from 13-15 May in Harnack Haus, Berlin. We were a little bit late - the conference was originally planned for 2018 - but I hope it was worth the wait for mo...
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Research infrastructure needs for industrial ecology - Some reflections to spur a discussion during this year’s conference season.

 The future of industrial ecology research will be more collaborative. Tackling pressing research questions with high quality science will require more work and knowledge than what the typical PhD candidate-postdoc-supervisor constellation ca...
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