Industrial Ecology Cartoon competition

We are pleased to announce the 1st Industrial Ecology Cartoon competition, launched on Feb 1, 2022.

We encourage submissions of innovative and creative cartoons that will help to explain to the public some of the important industrial ecology concepts or research. For example, the meaning of system boundaries, the complexity of production and consumption systems, linkages between humanity actions and environmental impacts, all sectors and systems are connected, why industrial symbiosis is important, life cycle thinking etc.

The competition will be open for three months and submissions can be done via the submission system (see below).

UPDATE: we have extended the deadline to May 30, 2022.

Submissions will be reviewed by a screening committee and once approved, they will be made available for the community to vote on.

The initial criteria applied in order to be considered for voting will include the following: relevancy to the IE field, appropriate graphics and language.

ISIE members will be then asked to vote for the best cartoons. The voting will be based on several criteria including: creativity, relevancy, appropriateness.

The first prize will be awarded EUR 500, with EUR 250 going to the second place.

Our newletter editor will select 'featured cartoons' in our monthly newsletter, and cartoons will be featured in an online gallery for our members and the general public to view.

For more information please contact the ISIE secretariat.

The maximum number of submissions per member is 3 cartoons.


You can view the submitted cartoons below. Voting starts when our submission period ends.

Cartoon submission gallery

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