JIE Abstract Translations

The Journal of Industrial Ecology (JIE) translates the abstracts of all full-length articles into Chinese and Spanish (editorials, columns, book reviews, and letters to the editor have no abstracts and thus no translations).

Chinese translations of abstracts are available for all issues of the JIE—starting with volume 1, number 1 in 1997.  The translation of abstracts into Spanish is a more recent initiative and starts in 2016 (volume 20, number 2). The links below provide access to all available Chinese and Spanish translations for JIE articles that have been published in an issue.

The translations are organized by bimonthly journal issue with all the abstracts for an issue compiled into one PDF.  While all available JIE abstract translations files can be accessed and downloaded via the pages linked to below, some of the files actually reside on these pages, whereas others are posted on Wiley Online Library. Preparations are currently being made for a more permanent location for all JIE abstract translations. Details of this new archive location will be provided once the transition is completed.

Links to the translations are available for the Chinese translations on the Chinese Abstracts page on this website.

Links to the translations are available for the Spanish translations on the Spanish Abstracts page on this website.