Policies on Article and Content Sharing

The Journal of Industrial Ecology (JIE) is eager for your article to be read widely.  There are several ways that you may share your article.  The details of the sharing arrangements evolve over time as the practices in scientific publishing change.  For that reason, we point you to the most current information about sharing on the website of Wiley, the publisher of the JIE.

Sharing of the full text of the published article: The JIE allows authors to share a read-only version of their article on the main journal website (Wiley Online Library). For information on how to obtain a content sharing link for use in social media or email, go to http://jie.click/sharingyourresearch.

Sharing of the published PDF: Authors can also share the published (PDF) version of their article with up to 10 colleagues. See http://jie.click/articlesharing for details. Please note that you are not permitted to post the published version (PDF) of the article online.

Sharing via social media, institutional repositories, and scholarly collaboration networks: Your article can be shared through social media, placed in institutional repositories, and shared under specific circumstances in scholar collaboration networks (SCNs, e.g., ResearchGate and Mendeley).  The type and extent of sharing varies, depending the version of article (submitted, accepted for publication, or published) and the particular platform through which you seek to share your work.  See http://jie.click/sharingpolicy for details.  Please note that there is an embargo of 12 months before the accepted version can be shared.