A word of thanks

After a little over four years, I am stepping down as the ISIE's Executive Director. As announced earlier, Ned Gordon will be taking over from me - effective tomorrow.

I was originally hired to assist the ISIE in the transition from being run as a project within Yale University to becoming an independently run and managed organization. However, I was glad to stay on for a number of additional years because I believe in the work of the society, and I found the welcoming and supportive environment a great place to work in. 

It might not be clear from the outside, but the society is primarily run by a large group of volunteers. The entire ISIE board, all the section boards, as well as the various committees and working groups all consist of members who volunteer their time to support this society. While it is at times limiting to work with people who have to find spare time to fulfill their responsibilities, I found it overwhelmingly productive and inspiring to work with this group of committed people. 

My warm thanks goes out to all these people with whom I've been able to work over the past years to take the ISIE to the next level. A special thanks to members of the ISIE's executive team including the current and past presidents, treasurers, and secretaries who have taken up an especially daunting role and with whom I have most closely worked together. My work, as well as the actual transition of the ISIE, was also greatly facilitated by the institutional and personal support of people at the Center for Industrial Ecology at Yale University and at the Institute of Environmental Sciences at Leiden University. 

I am glad to leave amidst a flurry of activity and I would like to end by highlighting some great updates made possible by the various groups at the ISIE. We recently finished the incorporation of the Journal of Industrial Ecology within our society; we launched the first Industrial Ecology Cartoon competition; we embedded a donation system; we have developed a section activity portfolio; we are integrating education resources into the website; and we are in the process of developing an introductory lecture series on industrial ecology. 

It looks like 2022 is a promising year for the ISIE, with prospects of record membership numbers and a great deal of activities. I am excited to stay involved, but going forward simply as one of the many industrious volunteers within the society. With Ned and the existing executive team the society is in great hands and I wish them all the best. 

Many thanks.