The ISIE has a new executive director

Ned Gordon succeeds Paul Hoekman as executive director of the ISIE.

Paul has navigated the ISIE through its journey from being embedded at Yale to becoming an independent member-managed association. He did not only contribute in making the association “fly” safely and steadily, but he also acted as a strong liaison between ISIE’s governing bodies, membership, committees, section boards and stakeholders. Paul initiated many projects which will accompany ISIE for many years to come. We thank him greatly for all his tremendous engagement, organizational talent and always positive attitude.

The ISIE is very lucky to hire Ned Gordon as new executive director. Ned was assistant editor of the Journal of Industrial Ecology for more than 20 years and thus has a comprehensive knowledge of the research field. He has been an ISIE member since the very start of the Society and knows many of the members from his previous position. We consider him an ideal candidate for the position and welcome him warmly.

Ned will formally take over from Paul on February 1, 2022.