Member Spotlights

Welcome to our brand new feature. Launched in April 2018, Member Spotlights is a new program set up by the Sustainable Urban Systems board in order to connect our members and help everybody to get to know each other. We do this by releasing a new member intro every other Friday. In this intro, we feature a member who explains more about her/his background, research interests, collaboration ideas, etc. We send these profiles out to all our members, and we will post them on our website as well.

We would like to feature ALL of our members, so if you are a SUS member please get in touch with Hua Cai ( to get your profile listed here. We hope to hear from everyone, and that this program helps researchers connect with each other. Feedback or ideas? Be sure to let us know!

Members in the spotlight

Andreas Froemelt (May 11, 2018)

Lynette Cheah (April 27, 2018)

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