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Welcome to our brand new feature. Launched in April 2018, Member Spotlights is a new program set up by the Sustainable Urban Systems board in order to connect our members and help everybody to get to know each other. We do this by periodically releasing a new member intro. In this intro, we feature a member who explains more about her/his background, research interests, collaboration ideas, etc. We send these profiles out to all our members, and we will post them on our website as well.

We would like to feature ALL our members, so if you are a SUS member please fill out the following form to get your profile listed here. For further questions, please contact Hua Cai ( Member Spotlights are meant to help us connect with one another to make cities more sustainable. Feedback or ideas? Be sure to let us know!

Members in the spotlight











 Yuan Yao (July 2, 2020)









Weslynne Ashton (June 16, 2020)









Oleksandr Galychyn (May 28, 2020)






Arnas Palaima (May 5, 2020)









Alemayehu Woldeamanuel (March 28, 2020)








Ben Goldstein (Feburary 24, 2020)









Hessam Azarijafari (Janurary 10, 2020)






Dominik Wiedenhofer (December 12, 2019)









Aristide Athanassiadis (October 13, 2019)










Qian Zhang (September 2, 2019)










Anna Petit-Boix (June 28, 2019)







 Oludunsin Arodudu (June 14, 2019)









Xu Wang (May 31, 2019)









Paul Currie (April 12, 2019)






David Bristow (January 25, 2019)









Zhaoyu Kou (December 14, 2018)







Matan Mayer (November 16, 2018)






Kangkang Tong (November 02, 2018)










 Shoshanna Saxe (October 05, 2018)












 Tim Baynes (September 21, 2018)








  Lynnette Widder (August 31, 2018)







Mehdi Zahed (August 17, 2018) 








Zicheng (Kevin) Bi (July 27, 2018)









Joe F. Bozeman III (July 13, 2018)









Ben Amor (June 29, 2018)







Sara Meerow (June 08, 2018)

Andreas Froemelt (May 11, 2018)

Lynette Cheah (April 27, 2018)

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