The SUS Section Governance is constituted as defined in the ISIE Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) Section-Bylaws as follows:

  1. The Section Board is constituted by at least 4 and up to 8 members, including: Chair, Vice- Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
  2. Additional elected Board Members and positions can vary according to the needs of the SUS section and a common consensus of the members of the section. 

All board members are elected for a period of 3 years. The next elections will be held in November 2017 for the period corresponding to the years from 2017 until 2020.

The current board members are:

 The Functions and Responsibilities of each Board Member are defined in the Bylaws as followed:


  • Acts as the liaison of the Section to the ISIE Council.
  • Chairs over the periodic business meetings of the Section.
  • Attends the meetings of the ISIE Council.
  • Institutes ad-hoc committees as agreed by the Board.
  • Acts as the representative of the Section toward other organizational units inside and outside the ISIE.


  • Deputizes the chair when needed.
  • Ensures the Board members act in accordance to the bylaws.
  • Provide consul as needed.*
  • Attend the section meetings.*


  • Is responsible for the custody of the funds of the SUS Section.
  • Provides annual financial reports.
  • Looks for founding and financial aid to support the activities of the SUS Section.*


  • Keeps the minutes of the Section meetings.
  • Keeps the agenda of the Section meetings.*
  • Promotes the engagement of the members of the sections.*
  • Promotes the SUS Section in different networks to encourage new members to join.*

 Research Coordinator:

  • Coordinates the SUS Section Webinars.*
  • Coordinates SUS Section events.*
  • Coordinates authors for the SUS Section special issues in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.*

  Web Editor and Communications Strategist:

  • Updates the Website of the SUS Section and include all missing/new content according to the format stablished by the ISIE.*
  • Develops a communication strategy for the SUS Section.*
  • Manages the social media sites and promote the SUS Section.*
  • Manages the email account and communication channels of the SUS Section.*
  • Organizes the content and format of the monthly digest for the members.*

 * Functions and responsibilities proposed by the current Board (see information above) that need to be accepted by the entire membership and the ISIE council.

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