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Past Events

UCLG Congress World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders

ISIE SUS Webinar Series: An introduction to MultipliCity with Paul Hoekman

2019 - Resilient and Responsible Architecture and Urbanism (RRAU)

Urban metabolism in policy and practice: a global discussion

ISIE SUS Webinar Series - Part One: Sustainability Through The World's Cities with Prof. Daniel Hoornweg

2019 - Urban ARC 2019 | City and the Region

2018 – Reframing Urban Resilience Implementation: Aligning Sustainability and Resilience

2018 - Urban Transitions

2018 – Smart City Expo World Congress

2018 - Centros urbanos sostenibles y resilientes: Desarrollo en tecnologías de agua y saneamiento, construcción, energía y movilidad *Spanish only*

2018 - Cities Alive Conference

2018 - Systematizing and upscaling urban solutions for climate change mitigation (SUUCCM)

2018 Global Symposium on Urban and Territorial Planning – Improving Planning for More Sustainable Cities and Territories

2018 - APPAM International Conference. Public Policy for Sustainable Metropolitan Development

2018 – World Cities Summit

Webinar: Big Couple Data for Sustainable Urban Systems: Examples from Los Angeles

2018 - IPCC Cities Conference

2018 – City and Technology. IIHS Annual Research Conference

2017 - The Role of Cities in the Implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Fulfillment of the SGD

2017 RAMSES - Cities and Climate Conference

2013 Sustainability and Asian Cities Workshop

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