Open resource on consequential LCA
A new open resource on consequential Life Cycle Assessment modelling.

The new website is a collection of examples illustrating how to model consequential product systems in LCA as it is recommended in the ISO 14040 series. It is intended as an open resource for students and the novice LCA practitioner. The site provides free access to information that is often hidden deep within LCA reports or even left out in brief scientific papers to save space is a community resource. We hope that the community of LCA practitioners – and especially students - will contribute further examples of good practice so that the website will grow to show solutions in as many different application areas as possible. Life-cycle
Industrial Ecology Open Online Course
The Industrial Ecology Open Online Course (IEooc) is a collection of web content on industrial ecology background, methods, and applications. It has two purposes: First, to document and explain some of the ‘soft’ knowledge around industrial ecology concepts, methods, data, and applications that is needed to conduct state-of-the-art industrial ecology research. Second, to guide new industrial ecology researchers towards having fun and impact with properly conducted science for sustainability. Life-cycle