Changing Consumer Behavior Through Eco-efficient Services: An Emperical Study on Car Sharing in The Netherlands

This PhD thesis focuses on consumers and consumer behaviour in relation to environmental problems. It questions how consumer behaviour can be changed in order to reduce environmental effects. This study narrows down on one specific approach to change consumer behaviour, which is the development and (successful) market introduction of so-called Eco-efficient Services. Through extensive empirical research in the Dutch field of Car Sharing services (an innovative mobility service) this approach is tested. Car Sharing services offer the flexible use of cars on a regular basis as an alternative for privately owned cars. The PhD thesis is centred around the following three empirical research questions: A. What are the determinants of adoption of Car Sharing services? B. What are the determinants of the service quality perception of Car Sharing services? C. What are the changes in mobility behaviour? The answers to these questions formed the input of an extensive analysis of the changes in environmental effects of the adoption of Car Sharing services. Besides this an estimation of the environmental potential of Car Sharing services in 2010 has been calculated. This study closes with a reflection on the approach to change consumer behaviour through the development and (successful) market introduction of so-called Eco-efficient Services.

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Author Rens Meijkamp
Institution Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
Advisor Professor Dr. Han Brezet and Professor Dr. Jacqueline Cramer
Expected graduation 2000