Improving Meterial Management to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This thesis describes ways to use material more efficiently in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We call this improved material management. Three case studies are worked out in detail: packaging materials, communication paper, and material use for construction. The thesis shows that many technologies are available to reduce the amount of materials that are necessary to provide the same services that are delivered today. This results in large reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Typically, a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 30-50% is calculated for the different case studies. It is worth noting, that these emission reductions can often be reached in a cost-effective matter. Also, attention is paid to the barriers of implementation for these new technologies. In the packaging case studies, this has resulted in a new type of supply curve and for the use of wood in the Dutch construction sector a detailed analysis is made of the innovation characteristics that are related to the improved material management technologies.

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Dr. M.P. Hekkert Utrecht University, department of Innovation Studies Heidelberglaan 8 3584 CS Utrecht The Netherlands email:

Author Marko Hekkert
Institution Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
Advisor Prof. Dr. Wim C. Turkenburg and Dr. Ernst Worrell
Expected graduation 2000