EcoDesign Empirically Explored Design for Environment in Dutch small and medium sized enterprises

This PhD thesis evaluates the development of cleaner products in 77 small and medium sized enterprises which participated in the EcoDesign project of the Dutch Innovation Centre Network in 1995. The aim of the IC EcoDesign project was to increase the level of awareness in Dutch SMEs with regard to Design for Environment. Therefore the project offered a unique opportunity to empirically explore the DFE behaviour of a substantial group of small and medium sized enterprises. The PhD research was centred around the following two research questions: A. Why are certain strategies in the field of Design for Environment more successful than others? B. Why do some SMEs perform well in Design for Environment while others lag behind? The answers to these questions can help us to understand and remove existing barriers for Design for Environment and encourage SMEs to apply DFE in their product development.

Where to find

A copy of the PhD-thesis can be obtained from the following book shop: Boekhandel Milieuboek Plantage Middenlaan 2H 1018 DD Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel.: +.31.20.624 4989

Author Carolien van Hemel
Institution TU Delft
Advisor Prof. Dr. Ir. J.C. Brezet, Prof. Dr. J. Cramer
Expected graduation 1998