Car Scrap-Throw It Away? or Make It Pay?

This dissertation evolves from problems related to the environment as the result of today's product-based society and especially the end-of-life management of cars. The purpose of the dissertation is to identify key elements in a number of car-scrapping approaches with the potential to meet the following three goals: 1) limitation of the littering from end-of-life cars in nature, 2) improvement of current end-of-life car management from an environmental and resource utilisation standpoint, 3) creation of steering-mechanisms fostering manufacturing of scrap-adapted cars. Special emphasis in the analysis has been placed on how the financing of the car-scrapping system can serve as a steering instrument for different interest groups. Based on the analysis, a model for financing end-of-life car management has been developed. The aim of the model is to foster attainment of the above-mentioned targets through an extended producer responsibility.

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Author Erik Ryden
Institution International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University, Sweden
Advisor Thomas Lindhqvist
Expected graduation 1995