Green Gold; on variations of truth in plantation forestry

Green Gold is based on a study of the Teakwood investment program. It discusses how the management of the teak plantations in Costa Rica was certified under the auspices of the Forest Stewardship Council. According to the WWF, these plantations 'set a worldwide example'. The conclusions explored in this book are key to understanding the topic of forest management certification and its day-to-day practice. The book offers an unprecedented insight into the basics and credibility of forest products labeling, and how the Internet helps to extract accountability from Trans National Corporations in the light of working towards a 'civil society'. With this revealing work, the international forest policy advisor Dr. Paul C. Romeijn allows the readers to answer some of the questions on everyone's mind: Why are teak investments so disputed? Is Teakwood a sound investment? Is third party certification independent? Why should these problems be addressed? Dr. Paul C. Romeijn is presently Director of Treemail, The Netherlands.

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Author Paul Romeijn
Institution Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands
Advisor Prof. Dr. Ir. R.A.A. Oldeman (silviculture and forestecology) Prof. Dr. Ir. N.G. Röling (agricultural knowledge systems in developing countries)
Expected graduation 1999