Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability (AScUS) – June 3-5 – IE University, Segovia

Sustainable Urban Systems

A handful of SUS members who are passionate and determined to generate new, practical knowledge to make cities more sustainable are organizing AScUS 2020, an (un)conference on June 3-5 at IE University in Segovia (Spain). The conference chair is our very own Matan Mayer who is a proud SUS board member.

The 2020 Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability (AScUS) —pronounced ‘ask us’—(un)conference emphasizes the urgent need for the production of actionable and multidisciplinary knowledge to tackle urban sustainability challenges across the globe. It will serve as a convergence platform for researchers and practitioners of all backgrounds (from political science and psychology to architecture and engineering) focused on the development of actionable and scalable solutions and their transfer to implementers.

AScUS-2020 is a participants-driven (un)conference with the mission to engage attendees to stimulate in-depth discussions. The event will not have any individual presentations; instead, all presentations from participants will have to be submitted online ahead of time. Discussion topics will be selected by the participants ahead of the event. Participants will be able to join in remotely or in person.

More information coming soon. For now, learn more at: and contact us at