Join Us for International Industrial Ecology Day 2023, Nov 30!


  The nearly final program for International Industrial Ecology Day 2023 is now up! Please click on the links in the sidebar for further details on each of the day's events.

   Colleagues from around the world are organizing 15 events, with the day's first session beginning at 2PM (AEDT) in Australia and the final presentation beginning at 11AM (PST) West Coast time in the United States. Topics include the legacy of Bob Ayres, the circular economy, LCA, carbon accounting, and material flow analysis.

   Please go to the event page to view, register for, and/or record events that you wish to attend from the sidebar. We ask that you register for these sessions if you plan to attend but registration is not required [except for the Advancing Energy and Environmental Systems and the Solutions for a net-zero circular economy sessions].

   We look forward to celebrating International IE day with members and non-members alike!

   We would also like to remind you that nominations for the ISIE Laudise Medal are due on IE Day (November 30th). Please see for details.


 The IE Day organizers

(Heinz, Ming, Irena, and Ned)