1st ISIE Cartoon competition - final results


The 1st ISIE Cartoon competition is now over and we are happy to announce the winners .  The idea behind the competition was to foster innovative and creative cartoons that will help to explain to the public some of the important industrial ecology concepts and research.

The competition was open for submissions since February and ended at the end of May. We had total of 7 submissions received  and finally after member voting process we are happy to share with you the final results:

1st place winner- Souhil Harchaoui , cartoon title:  “Not easy to teach or learn industrial ecology” – 500 EURO cash prize

For the 2nd place, we had two close runners so they will split the prize of 250 EURO. The winners are:

John Mulrow, cartoon title:  “also Trees”

Laura Felicio, Quratulain Tariq, Gabriel Carmona and Kai Whiting, cartoon title:  “What is energy?”

Congratulations to our winners! 

 All of the submissions will be available on our website for the members to use in the following link: https://is4ie.org/cartoons

We want to thank the ISIE board for making funds available for this initiative. And we would like to encourage you all to keep sharing visuals to help the community spread the contents and idea in a more welcoming way.

See you all in the next competition!

 The competition committee: Ned Gordon, Reid Lifset, Paul Hoekman, and Vered Blass