ISIE webinar - Modeling Material Efficiency Strategies for a Low Carbon Future - 18 Feb

WEBINAR: Material efficiency strategies for a low-carbon future. An insight into the modelling.

18th February, 2021 15:00 (CET)

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The International Society for Industrial Ecology in close collaboration with NTNU Sustainability and the International Resource Panel, are pleased to invite you to this webinar about the “Resource Efficiency and Climate Change: Material Efficiency Strategies for a Low-Carbon Future” report. This event will present the details of the modelling carried out for the development of the work. The open science website of the modeling is here.

The authors will present their contribution, and how the modelling of material efficiency of buildings and transport have been structured.


  1. Welcome - Elsa Olivetti
  2. The carbon footprint of materials and the need to model material efficiency - Edgar Hertwich
  3. Archetype models of material efficiency in buildings - Niko Heeren
  4. Material efficiency in light-duty vehicles - Qingshi Tu and Paul Wolfram
  5. Scenario development for buildings and light-duty vehicles - Tomer Fishman
  6. Tracing material flows through product cohorts - the ODYM-RECC framework for assessing resource use over time - Stefan Pauliuk
  7. Scenario results – GHG emission reductions from material efficiency - Edgar Hertwich
  8. Outlook - Stefan Pauliuk
  9. Discussion - Elsa Olivetti