ISIE Socioeconomic Metabolism Section perpetual online conference. Session 4

Socio-Economic Metabolism
Dear ISIE members,
We’re happy to announce the ISIE Socioeconomic Metabolism Section perpetual online conference,
Session 4 – November 27 :  Nutrients for Food
Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K), Phosphorus (P) are the essential nutrients in plant growth. Commercial food production is largely dependent on fertilizers, and feeding the world’s burgeoning population will require a plentiful supply of nutrients in the years to come. The non-substitutable property of nutrients in agriculture production process and for sustaining most of life on the earth makes securing stable supply chains of agricultural nutrients and their proper managements particularly pressing issues. We will discuss these issues in this session with a line of four speakers covering local and global supply and demand, and circular economy aspects.
Date and Time:
Friday November 27, 2020 18:00-20:00 Japan Time,  10:00 – 12:00 Central European Time
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Chair: Prof. Kazuyo Matsubae / Tohoku University, Japan
Presenters: 25 minutes (20 min. presentation, 5 mins. Q&A) + 20 min. Discussion
  • Dr. William Brownlie, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK : “Mismanagement of the Global Phosphorus Cycle”
  • Dr. Allison M Leach, University of New Hampshire, US: "The nitrogen footprint: From local to global scales"
  • Prof. Helmut Rechberger, Vienna University of Technology, Austria: "Optimization of Phosphorus stocks and flows in Austria"
  • Dr. Azusa Oita, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japan: “Nitrogen footprint assessment towards sustainable food systems”
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Meeting ID: 865 0710 3419
Passcord: 2fRwZb
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Stay tuned for:
  • Announcement of dates of upcoming sessions on the following topics: MFA data & standardization; MFA in scenario analyses; Material Stock/Flow and Climate Change Adaptation; SEM and the Oceans.
  • Conference website including abstract submission page for you to present your research in a future session.
The ISIE-SEM perpetual online conference aims to bring together our community and continue advancing sustainability science in these extraordinary times, as well as providing a low-barrier introduction to our work to people who are curious about socio-economic metabolism research but not yet part of our community. It is not intended to replace our biannual section conferences.
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The SEM section board
Hiroki Tanikawa, Stefan Pauliuk, Gang Liu, Kazuyo Matsubae, Helen Ann Hamilton, Peter-Paul Pichler, Stefan Giljum and Tomer Fishman