Spring '19 ISIE-SC Virtual Networking Registration

Since we had a great networking time with you at our first Virtual Networking event last spring, we want to keep up this great new tradition! Therefore, the International Society for Industrial Ecology student chapter (ISIE-SC) is hosting the second Virtual Networking event this March! We are excited to again connect fellow students & post-docs who are engaged in important and interesting research around the globe. So much can be gained from learning about each other's perspectives and methods.

Conferences are very useful events for sharing ideas, cutting-edge research, and networking. However, they don't happen very frequently, can be costly to attend, and incur travel-related environmental impacts. Of course we can read each other's publications, but discussing while the work is in progress would be more beneficial! Plus, we're fun people!

Therefore, ISIE-SC would like to connect industrial ecology student researchers from around the globe, harnessing the power of the internet. It will be similar to striking up brief and interesting conversations at a conference cocktail* hour.

To participate, please fill out the registration form below. Based on your research interests and hours of availability, we will schedule Skype calls with 5 matching researchers. The calls will last 15 minutes, with 5 minutes breaks in between. Plan on spending 5 minutes to introduce your work, 5 minutes to hear about their work, and the last 5 minutes to discuss opportunities for further collaborations. We will attempt to consolidate the conversations to keep your schedule compact!

At the conclusion of registration, the coordinators will email you a custom conversation schedule, and provide the Skype usernames, email addresses, and a links to their professional profiles, etc. Throughout the Virtual Networking event, ISIE-SC coordinators will be available on Skype and email to troubleshoot and offer advice! After the event, we will seek your feedback and suggestions. If participants like the event, we will host it regularly!

Thank you -- have a great time virtual networking!

*Make your own cocktail, if you like :)

Your full name

Please provide the first name that you prefer to be called, and your last name / surname / family name.

Your Skype username

(Required) Skype is a free platform to have video conversations over the internet!  To participate, you will need to download Skype https://www.skype.com onto your computer or smartphone, and set up an account. 

Your email address


Your current status

Your university affiliation

For example, Yale University Center for Industrial Ecology; Rochester Institute for Technology Golisano Institute for Sustainability; Shenzhen University Department of Civil Engineering; etc.

What is the title of your Thesis?

Link to scholarly profile for publications list and CV (or file)

(Optional) This just helps us learn about each other's research in advance! Sites such as Google Scholar, ORCID, etc. If you don't have such a profile, you can include a link to a file to download from the cloud (such as dropbox.com, box.com, etc.)

Which country are you in?

Fill out the availability form: http://whenisgood.net/2ndVNE

  1. Please visit this link: http://whenisgood.net/2ndVNE
  2. Select your local timezone
  3. Please "paint" over the hours when you are sure you can participate. They will turn green. Since we are attempting to have international participation, please try to include times that are morning or evening for you, so that we can match you with someone from another timezone!
  4. After you submit, save the URL they provide so that you can edit your availability later (before the cut-off of February 16th!)

Industrial Ecology research methods

Please select several IE methods that reflect your research interests. We will use these methods selections, or your research topics selections, to match you with other participants!

Industrial Ecology research topics

Please select several IE topics that reflect your research interests. We will use these topics selections, or your research methods selections, to match you with other participants!

Match preference

Help us determine how you would prefer to be matched with other participants.

Describe your current research interests in one short sentence

This sentence might help improve matching, and can help the people you are matched with grasp your research in advance!
For example: "Scenario projections of climate impacts from refrigerants in end-of-life appliances"

Any comments or suggestions?

Feel free to add comments below. If you have questions, email Paul Currie paul.currie@iclei.org or Stefanie Klose stefanie.klose@indecol.uni-freiburg.de.

Thank you for participating! Share with friends & colleagues!

Please help us grow this event by encouraging your friends & colleagues in Industrial Ecology to join!

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