Simran Talwar

Island Industrial Ecology


Simran Talwar

Senior Research Consultant at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Simran works in the Resource Stewardship group at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS. She has over 11 years of research and industry experience in circular economy, policy, and business strategy. Simran’s research areas are cross-disciplinary, spanning circular economy, industrial ecosystems and networks, competitive dynamics, and technological, structural, and institutional transformation for sustainability. Her doctoral thesis was an empirical investigation into the circular economy, with a focus on closed-loop materials, energy and water exchange networks and industrial symbiosis ecosystem emergence. She has undertaken applied research across chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, cement, steel, and bio-products industries.

Main research/work interests

  • circular economy
  • industrial ecology
  • business models and strategy
  • policy and institutions
  • capacity building
  • net zero emissions

Favorite island

"I live on an island (Australia) and so naturally it's my favourite :-) The things I cherish here are the biodiversity and expansive bush walks, distinctive wildlife and birds and the pride Australians take in engaging with the outdoors as a way of life."

Collaboration interests

"I am interested in deepening research collaboration with the Pacific island countries."


Simran is a member of the ISIE island section inauguration board