Chris Matthew

Island Industrial Ecology

Chris Matthew

PhD researcher at Islands Laboratory - University College London

Chris received a first class Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy at the University of Edinburgh and then worked for two years as a engineering consultant at Mott Macdonald. Now his main focus is his PhD topic, modelling low-carbon energy and resource scenarios for a net zero energy system, with the Scottish islands as a case study. So far in his PhD he has published with the journal Energies

Main research/work interests

  • Developing bottom up energy and resource systems models representative of real-world systems to better understand the impacts of future low-carbon technologies
  • Data driven modelling of how resources can be used more sustainably as part of these future net zero energy systems
  • Using data science to help inform how future energy systems should be shaped by policy

Chris' favorite islands are the Orkney islands as they are fascinating in many ways! Their abundant wind resource has led to the development of some really interesting and complex energy systems which give us a glimpse of how the decarbonised energy systems of the future might look.