About Us

Who we are

The mission of the section of Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-Industrial Development is to bring together academics and practitioners with a passion for translating the theories of industrial symbiosis, eco-industrial parks and eco-industrial development into practice. 

Section members serve as moderators for industrial symbiosis presentations at ISIE biennial conferences; meet as part of the annual Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium and have access to a members list and blog.

What we do

The mission of the section is to support networking and information sharing among researchers and practitioners, about Industrial Symbiosis and Eco-Industrial Development projects. We maintain a knowledge repository, a list of professionals around the world, and we share information around the world through our EID/IS Updates, Linked–In pages and the Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium (ISRS).

Where we come from

Originally formed by colleagues of the late Ed Cohen-Rosenthal as a nonprofit educational corporation, in order to support ongoing eco-industrial practitioners in North America in 2002, the group decided to take a broader approach after members attended the ISIE meetings in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA ,Stockholm, Sweden, Toronto, Canada and Lisbon, Portugal. The organization elected to affiliate with ISIE and become a section, taking the name Eco-Industrial Development Council/Industrial Symbiosis Section of ISIE. In 2009 the section was created.