Purpose and Mission


The purpose of Island-IE is to conduct research on islands using industrial ecology concepts, tools and methods, and promote its application in policy and businesses to foster resilient and sustainable island systems. This includes building industrial ecology research capacity on islands, and establishing and maintaining cooperation with island governments, local academic and non-governmental institutions, international organizations, and companies.



The goals of Island-IE are:

  1. To provide a platform to support networking, create communities of learning and practice, and interaction between various stakeholders such as scholars, policy-makers, students, non-government organizations, and academic institutions.
  2. To promote and manage an open-access data sharing platform and fulfill a recognized need for statistical capacity on islands for use by scholars, policy, and businesses.
  3. To organize virtual or in-person science and science-policy events for discussing and disseminating insights generated by Island-IE members in support of healthy and resilient islands.
  4. To build industrial ecology research capacity on islands by encouraging collaborations with and between island-based institutions, and promote peer-to-peer student exchange and learning.