Environmental Input Output Courses

Environmental Input Output Courses

This is a list of known environmental input-output courses globally.

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There is also a dropbox with course material for those who would like to become part of a small community of lecturers sharing material:

Organisation Department Course coordinator Course code Course title Keywords (ALL courses PREDOMINANTLY teach environmental input-output analysis!)  
UNSW Sydney School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Tommy Wiedmann GSOE9740 Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering industrial ecology, environmental footprint, hybrid LCA, mixed-unit IOA, triple-bottom-line accounting  
The University of Sydney School of Physics Arunima Malik PHYS5033 Environmental Footprinting and Input-Output Analysis environmental footprint, global MRIO, hybrid LCA  
The University of Sydney School of Physics Arunima Malik PHYS5034 Life Cycle Analysis process LCA, input-output assisted LCA  
The University of Sydney School of Physics Arne Geschke PHYS5032 Techniques for Sustainability Analysis multi-criteria decision analysis, multivariate regression, dynamic modelling, time series analysis, uncertainty analysis  
NTNU Industrial Ecology Richard Wood TEP4222 Input-output analysis, Trade and the Environment single region IO, domestic technology assumption, MRIO, SNA, SUT, allocation and constructs, mixed-unit/material flow, linear programming
Leiden University Institute of Environmental Sciences CML Arjan de Koning 4413EIOANY Environmental Input-Output Analysis IOA, SNA, environmental footprint, climate change  
Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment Ming Xu NRE 573 Environmental Footprinting and Input-Output Analysis environmental footprint, MRIO, SDA, SPA, linkage  
UC Bren   Sangwon Suh        
Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Edgar Hertwich F&ES 638 Carbon footprints: Modeling and Analysis IO, LCA, MRIO, with a focus on use for carbon footprint analysis. Corporate and organizational carbon footprints.
Purdue University Environmental and Ecological Engineering Shweta Singh EEE 430 LCA and Industrial Ecology LCA, EIO-LCA, EEIO-LCA, Hybrid LCA (Only Tiered Hybrid since its Senior Undergrads), Thermodynamics with EEIO  
University of Queensland School of Earth & Environmental Sciences Anthony Halog ENVM 3528/7528 Industrial Ecology & Life Cycle Thinking
IO, MFA, LCA,industrial ecology, environmental footprint, circular economy, partial equilibrium models, carbon footprint
University of Leeds School of Earth and Environment Julia Steinburger/Anne Owen SOEE5582 Tools and Techniques in Ecological Economics intro to matrix algebra, intro to matlab, single region IO, simplified 2 region MRIO, carbon footprints, simple scenarios


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