LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-11-02

LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-11-02

In Attendance:

  • Thomas Gloria
  • Cassandra Thiel
  • Yuan Yao

To Do:

  • Tom will write a draft proposal for Reid (using discussion points below and whatever input you want to add!)
  • Next meeting – December 7.

From Last Time:

Who will be attending GRC?

  • Stephan yes
  • Cassie maybe
  • Tom no
  • Matt yes (hopefully)
  • Paulina yes (hopefully)
  • Yuan yes (hopefully)
  • Wenjie yes (hopefully)


Conversation with Reid Lifset – Editor-in-chief of ISIE

  • Wants us to move forward on this topic
  • Having the specific content and moving forward on that topic helps
  • A little different than our typical domain (food, social) is also helpful (and a challenge)

Brainstorm around aspects for us to cover in our food special issue (slide from Tom on SDG targets around hunger)

  • Agriculture, economics, socio-economics – topics that may be a challenge for us to contribute to
  • Call for papers need to have multi-disciplinary approach (to create manuscripts for the journal)
    • Quantitative science perspective for multi-disciplinary groups
  • What would the manuscript look like?
    • Taxonomy for field itself, areas of protection we need to understand
      • Working with others – addressing our biases, vocabulary, how different fields function
    • Development of impact assessment around hunger alleviation?
      • Impact modeling for cheaper/larger quantities of food, and agricultural impacts?
      • Maybe some case studies?
    • Process/inventory side – which processes could you reference (functional units) for hunger alleviation
      • Development/growth of humans (stunted growth) – example of functional unit or impact category
      • What is the function of food?
      • Actual human impact (direct impacts) and human activities
    • What it means to have an impact on human health
      • We, as a field, tend to lack that human health impact; the categories have high uncertainties and many don’t include them at all
      • With an increase focus on human health in other fields, this could make us fall behind
      • Combined assessment – new ideas to evaluate social impact; looking at other disciplines’ assessments of social impact, how do we work with them?
    • End scenario – “output” – Cultural reaction to increased child survival and increased longevity (change in dynamic of resources, education, etc.)
      • Human behavior
      • Obesity & diabetes
        • Transition from developing to developed issues

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