LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-10-05

LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-10-05

In Attendance:

  • Thomas Gloria
  • Cassandra Thiel

To Do:

  • Who’s planning to attend the GRC?


For the Special Issue: “2: End World Hunger”

  • Put together 1 paragraph for GRC; people in attendance would discussed.

We need some questions:

  • Applying LCSA (all 3 domains) to mitigating/addressing world hunger; move towards zero hunger
    • Guidance: Solutions oriented
  • Accessibility of ISIE analyses to policymakers, NGOs, etc.
    • Context: 2030 to 2050 time frame – what needs to be done next? How does this change analyses? [changes in population, infrastructure needs, alleviating harm per population]
  • Preventing the erosion of goals. (in the shift from 2020 or 2030 to 2050)

Who will be attending GRC?

  • Stephan yes
  • Cassie maybe
  • Tom no

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