LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-06-28

LCSA Board Meeting Minutes - 2017-06-28

Meeting Held on 28 June, 2017 at the ISIE-ISSST Conference in Chicago

In Attendance:

  • Thomas Gloria
  • Sangwon Suh
  • Morgan Edwards
  • Yuan Yao
  • Cassandra Thiel
  • Matt Eckelman
  • Wenjie Liao
  • Jeroen Guinee

To Do:

  • All of us: Set up regular meeting (fill out doodle poll from email)
  • Cassie/Thomas: Get information on past LCSA meetings, etc. from Jeroen



A little history:

  • Past struggles to create online content
  • Past special issues to bring out importance of LCSA
  • Communication within the section is an issue
    • People change section often (mailing lists outdated)
    • If membership fees are lapsed, that person is not in the section

Thoughts for the future:

  • What are our two year goals?
    • Short time frame (2 years) to accomplish something. Can we create something that is “sustainable” for future section leaders?
  • Ideas for approaches: webinars, reports, promotional material (see notes from 2017-06 meeting)
  • ISIE special issue on “sustainable development” and the practical use of LCA and relationship to SDGs (increase exposure, etc.)
    • SDSN – Sustainable Development Network
    • Development and finance side
    • Outreach to industry partners?
  • Influencing conferences (North American conference coming up; section activities at Gordon Conference)
    • GRC in May 2018 – role of enviro. Sust. In SDGs (good segue with special issue, etc.)
    • Morgan is helping organize the GRS and can help coordinate events
  • Structure in our section for how we support our website
  • Survey of students to see which companies are hiring students (industry survey of LCA needs)
    • Could partner with student section
    • Could request portion of member dues to fund this initiative
  • Policy mapping internationally

Other discussions:

There are other sections of other societies that have similar purview – how do we raise the profile of IE?

Why does the section exist? – unclear for members – one thing we need to tackle

  • Members join a section so that dues can be allocated to the section (original intent)
  • Perhaps this is an issue that can be raised
  • These resources may help fund student-survey partnership, etc.
  • What’s the differentiating point between ACLCA and our section?
    • They do webinars
    • They run special sessions at conferences
    • They (help) create standards

Section Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment