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Title Author Institution Year Section
New Hampshire’s Societal Metabolism: Material Flows and the Industry-Human-Nature Connection Deana Aulisio University of New Hampshire 2016 Metabolism
The water metabolism of socio-ecosystems. Epistemology, methods and applications. Cristina Madrid Lopez Univertitat Autonoma Barcelona 2014 Metabolism
Industrial Metabolism of Lead and Its Influence on National Economy Jiansu Mao Northeastern University, China 2003 Metabolism
Socio-metabolic trade patterns: An investigation of concepts and methods Anke Schaffartzik Alpen-Adria Universitaet Klagenfurt-Graz-Wien 2015 Metabolism
The political economy of the industrial transformation of the United Kingdom. Work, society’s metabolism and socio-economic development Heinz Schandl University of Vienna 2001 Metabolism
Energy Metabolism of Canada, a temporal study from 1990-2011 Abdullah Toseef University of Waterloo 2017 Metabolism
Weighing the Importance of Urban Built Environment Stocks for Sustainability. A Danish Case Study. Maud Lanau University of Southern Denmark, Department of Green Technology 2020 Metabolism