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Uncertainty and Variability in Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment
Mark Huijbregts, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics. Life-cycle
System Expansion and Allocation in Life Cycle Assessment - With Implications for Wastepaper Management
Tomas Ekvall, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. 1999 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Assessment of Silica Sand Exploitation and Processing in Croatia
Anamarija Grbes, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering. 2014 Life-cycle
Stephan Pfister, Institute of Environmental Engineering, ETH Zürich. 2011 Life-cycle
Integrating Occupational Health into Life Cycle Assessment
Kelly Scanlon, The George Washington University. 2013 Life-cycle
An Approach to Dynamic Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment by Evaluating Structural Economic Sequences
Thomas Gloria, Tufts University. 2000 Life-cycle
Life cycle environmental impacts of Double Skin Facades (DSFs) for office refurbishments in the UK
Francesco Pomponi, University of Brighton. 2015 Life-cycle
Packaging Waste Management: Life Cycle Analysis of Various Packaging Materials in Greece and their Consequences on the Quality of the Environment
Dimitrios Georgakellos, University of Piraeus, Department of Business Administration. 1997 Life-cycle
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Agricultural Systems: Integration Into Decision-Making
Sarah Cowell, University of Surrey. 1998 Life-cycle
On the Possibilities of Life-Cycle Assessment: Development of methodology and review of case studies.
Goran Finnveden, Stockholm University. 1998 Life-cycle
Estimation of Environmental Implications of Construction Material and Designs Using Life Cycle Assessement Techniques (Bridges and Pavement)
Arpad Horvath, Carnegie Mellon. 1997 Life-cycle
Life cycle sustainability assessment of palm oil biodiesel: Insights into opportunities and challenges for balancing of 3Ps (people, profit, and planet)
Dr. Yosef Manik, University of Maine. 2013 Life-cycle
Stochastic Multi attribute Analysis for Comparative Life Cycle Assessement
Valentina Prado Lopez, . Life-cycle
Evaluating the life cycle climate impacts of solid waste management
David Turner, University of Southampton. 2016 Life-cycle
life cycle optimization for waste management system
Guangwu Chen, . Life-cycle
Life cycle and CO2 analysis of a student residential building in Ningbo, China
Francisco Javier Jimenez, NTNU and University of Nottingham in China. 2017 Life-cycle
Food, Feed, Fuel, Timber or Carbon Sink? Towards sustainable land-use systems - a consequential life cycle approach
Miguel Brandão, Centre for Environmental Strategy, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey. 2012 Life-cycle
Isam Alyaseri, SIUC. 2014 Life-cycle
Time- and Site-Dependent Life-Cycle Assessment of Thermal Waste Treatment Processes
Stephanie Hellweg, Safety and Environmental Technology Group. Life-cycle
Dynamic and cumulative environmental impact assessment in life cycle assessment
Bertrand LARATTE, University of Technology of Troyes. 2013 Life-cycle
Life cycle assessment of fertilisers produced in Algeria
ali makhlouf, Annaba University- Algeria. 2015 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Assessment of Industrial Packaging for Chemicals
Anastassia Manuilova, Chalmers University of Technology. Life-cycle
Life-Cycle Design for Environmental Quality of Products: Integrated Design System
Fabio Giudice, University of Catania, Italy. 2000 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Inventory Analysis for Decision-Making: Scope-Dependent Inventory System Models and Context-Specific Joint Product Allocation
Rolf Frischknecht, Energy Technology Department, ETH Zuerich (now: ESU-services, Uster). 1998 Life-cycle
Perspectives in Life Cycle Impact Assessment a Structured Approach to Combine Models of the Technosphere, Ecosphere and Valuesphere
Patrick Hofstetter, ETH Zurich. 1998 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Considerations in Sustainable Business Development.Eco-efficiency studies in Swedish industries.
Reine Karlsson, Department of Physical Resource Theory, School of Environmental Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University. 1998 Life-cycle
Environmental consequences of food consumption: A modular life cycle assessment to evaluate product characteristics
Niels Jungbluth, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Department of Environmental Sciences Natural - and Social Science Interface. 2000 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Assessment of Building Products - Case studies and methodology
Asa Jonsson, Technical Environmental Planning, School of Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. 1998 Life-cycle
Life cycle assessment of PET Bottle
amos ncube, . 2013 Life-cycle
A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Mid-rise Office Building Construction Alternatives: Laminated Timber or Reinforced Concrete
Adam Robertson, University of British Columbia. 2011 Life-cycle
Local systems, global impacts. Using life cycle assessment to analyse the potential and constraints of industrial symbioses
Laura Sokka, University of Helsinki. 2011 Life-cycle
Assessment of Environmental Life Cycle Approach for Industrial Materials and Products
Steven Young, University of Toronto. 1996 Life-cycle
Sustainability assessment of agro-bioenergy systems using energy efficiency indicators
Oludunsin Tunrayo Arodudu, Potsdam University, Germany. 2017 Life-cycle
Solar Photovoltaic Development in Australia: A Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Study
Man(dy) Yu, University of Graz. 2014 Life-cycle
Philippa Notten, University of Cape Town. 2002 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Assessment and Decision Making: Theories and practices
Hernikke Baumann, Chalmers University of Technology. 1998 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a Public University- the Case of Three Selected Activities at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain, Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. 2013 Life-cycle
Life Cycle Regulation of Transportation Fuels: Uncertainty and its Policy Implications
Richard Plevin, UC Berkeley. 2010 Life-cycle
Life cycle assessment of microalgal diesel and its policy implication
Kullapa Soratana, University of Pittsburgh. 2012 Life-cycle
Approximate Life-Cycle Assessment of Product Concepts Using Learning Systems
Ines Sousa, MIT. 2002 Life-cycle
Life cycle-based optimization of physical exchanges in industrial networks
Carl Vadenbo, Institute of Environmental Engineering, ETH Zürich. 2013 Life-cycle
Understanding and Improving Healthcare using Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Evidence-Based Design
Cassandra Thiel, University of Pittsburgh. 2013 Life-cycle
Toxic Equivalency: Addressing Human Health Effects in Life Cycle Impact Assessment
Edgar Hertwich, Energy and Resources Group, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY. 1999 Life-cycle

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