T. Reed Miller
University of Maine
Orono, United States
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I am an Asst. Professor of Circular Economy Engineering, Materials, and Built Infrastructure at the University of Maine (UMaine). I am jointly appointed at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and the Advanced Structural Composites Center. My focus at UMaine is on LCA of innovative infrastructure and material technologies being developed by fellow researchers.

As a PhD student, I enjoyed helping to lead the ISIE Student Chapter and more recently have worked to start the ISIE Career Committee.

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In 2021, I joined the Yale Center for Environmental, Law, and Policy working as a post-doc on a joint project with UN SDSN and University of Tokyo creating a Global Commons Stewardship Index. I graduated from a PhD program at Yale’s Center for Industrial Ecology (CIE) working with Dr. Marian Chertow and Dr. Edgar Hertwich (NTNU). My research at CIE currently looks at metal-contained footprints of capital assets using EEIO, and also at various aspects of aircraft life cycle, with a focus on hydrogen-powered aircraft. Previously at CIE I worked to incorporate the use of capital assets in the US EEIO. I have a BS and MEng in environmental engineering, but shifted gears towards industrial ecology while working with the MIT Materials Systems Lab (MSL) during a Masters in Technology and Policy. My research at MSL centered on used electronics MFA along with an assortment of LCA projects. Later, as a researcher at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub I worked on streamlining early-stage LCA for buildings.

Research Interests

LCA, EEIO, MFA, system dynamics
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