Rupert Myers
Imperial College London
London, United Kingdom
Member ID 0794
Member since Mar 20, 2016
Status Active


Industrial ecologist/chemical engineer/materials scientist working towards more sustainable use of resources in the built environment


Rupert's research expertise spans industrial ecology through to chemistry of mineral systems (e.g., concrete).

His research approach integrates deep technical analysis (experimental [laboratory, synchrotron] and modelling) of specific materials into modelling of material and product life cycles. This approach is needed to appropriately understand the environmental burdens of material technologies (status quo and novel) and their substitutions at the system level. Significantly, it addresses the key gap between:

• Traditional materials research, which usually focusses on improving performance of individual technologies at relatively high technical detail; and

• Industrial ecology methods such as material flow analysis (MFA), which are often used to study technologies at relatively low technical detail.

Questions and themes that Rupert and his group are interested in include: how can we efficiently use available resources while also reducing life cycle environmental impacts, valorise more wastes/by-products more effectively, and achieve sustainable development within the paradigm of critical materials and energy resources?

Research Interests

(1) Industrial ecology, including resource supply-demand issues (e.g. criticality, circular economy) and related use of material flow analysis, life cycle assessment, and policy analysis

(2) Materials science, including cementitious materials, materials/minerals/aquatic chemistry, solid/liquid equilibria, geochemical/thermodynamic modelling, synchrotron/laboratory materials characterisation, by-product/waste valorisation

(3) Data engineering/management, including open science, databases
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