Christoph Helbig
University of Bayreuth
Bayreuth, Germany
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Member since Aug 28, 2015
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Professor of Ecological Resource Technology, University of Bayreuth, Germany

Research Interests

Methods: Raw Material Criticality, Material Flow Analysis, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment.
Topics: Metals and Minerals, Dissipative Losses, Infrastructure, Energy, Mobility.

Website contributions from this member

07 Aug 2023 PhD position (m/f/d) on Sustainable Material Flows for Lithium-Ion and Post-Lithium Batteries - University of Bayreuth
29 Apr 2023 Session 14: >>EU Critical Raw Materials Act<< of the Perpetual Online Conference of the Socioeconomic Metabolism Section
31 Mar 2023 Pre-Announcement on SEM Section Perpetual Online Conference on the EU Critical Raw Materials Act
03 Sep 2020 Call for Papers "Economic, Environmental, and Social Assessments of Raw Materials for a Green and Resilient Economy"
03 Sep 2020 Call for Papers "Commodity Markets and Resource Management"
30 Apr 2018 Participation requested - Survey: SIEYP 2019 Topics of Interest