Cristina Madrid Lopez
Institute for Environmental Science and Technology, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB)
Barcelona, Spain
Member ID 0694
Member since Apr 08, 2015
Status Active


PhD in Environmental Sciences and Management. JIN Researcher at ICTA-UAB. Marie Curie International Fellow at Yale University 2015-2017.

My research focuses on the sustainability assessment of policy strategies and technological innovations integrating a LCA and social metabolism perspectives and including a citizen science approach.

Previous works have assessed the water footprint, the water metabolism of socio-ecosystems and the nexus trade-offs of agricultural production and natural gas extraction with a geographical perspective in case studies like Spain, UK, Poland, the EU, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ecuador or the US.

Currently I am lead developer of ENBIOS, a methodological framework and python package for the environmental assessment of energy transition strategies. ENBIOS is developed on the projects SENTINEL, SEEDS and LIVEN of which I am PI.


You can find more details about me in my personal website.

Research Interests

Energy Modelling
Regionalized LCA
LCIA method development
LCA - impacts on water, Water footprinting
Socio-Ecosystem metabolism
Complex Systems
Open Science
Citizen Science

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