Yuan Yao
Yale University
New Haven, CT, United States
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Yuan Yao is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Systems at the Yale School of the Environment, Yale University. Yuan uses interdisciplinary approaches in industrial ecology, sustainable engineering, operations research, and big data analytics to develop systematic and scientific rigorous methodologies to support engineering and policy decisions towards sustainability. She develops new methods and integrated modeling frameworks to assess, advance, and optimize industrial systems for improved environmental and societal outcomes. Current research projects focus on the bioeconomy and sustainable production.


Yuan Yao received her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University in the U.S. and a B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Northeastern University in China. She also has a Management for Scientists and Engineers from Kellogg Business School. Yuan receives the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early CAREER Award in 2019. She has been named to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers "35 Under 35" list for emerging leaders in chemical engineering. She also receives the Laudise Medal from the International Society for Industrial Ecology. Her research have been published in journals such as Science, Nature Sustainability, Environmental Science and Technology and many others. Yuan serves on journals including the Journal of Industrial Ecology as a guest editor and Resources, Conservation & Recycling as an Associate Editor.

For more information about Dr. Yao's research group: https://yao.research.yale.edu/

Research Interests

Life Cycle Assessment; Systems Modeling; Techno-Economic Analysis; Sustainable Engineering; Biofuel and Bio-Based Materials; Data Analytics and Machine Learning; Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Website contributions from this member

17 Oct 2022 Ph.D. Fellowship in Sustainable Bioeconomy - Yale University
20 Jul 2022 Postdoctoral Associate in LCA and MFA for Wood Products - Yale University
18 Feb 2022 Postdoctoral Associate - LCA for soft electronics and sustainable materials - Yale University
01 Dec 2021 Yale Postdoctoral Associate Opportunity: Management effects on carbon storage in eastern U.S. temperate forests - Yale University
15 Nov 2021 Ph.D. Fellowships in Sustainability Assessment for Biomass-Based Materials - Yale University
05 Oct 2021 Postdoctoral Researcher Position at Yale Center for Industrial Ecology - Yale University
29 Jun 2021 Postdoc in Forest Carbon Modeling - Yale University
29 Jun 2021 Postdoctoral Researcher in Carbon Capture and Wastewater Treatment - Yale University
06 Apr 2021 Postdoctoral Position at Yale University - Yale University
10 Feb 2021 Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Sustainable Development Goals Special Issue in the Journal of Industrial Ecology
12 Nov 2020 Special Issue in JIE about Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Sustainable Development Goals
18 Sep 2020 Call for Papers on the Special Issue of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews -- Advanced life-cycle modeling of energy and agroecosystems
04 Sep 2020 Ph.D. Fellowship at Yale University - Yale University
02 Jul 2020 Our highlight this week: Yuan Yao
12 Jul 2019 Assistant/ Associate / Full Professor of the Practice Industrial & Product Design at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA
08 Mar 2019 PhD Positions in LCA and big data for sustainable bioeconomy @ North Carolina State University
06 Nov 2018 Positions for Post-Doc and M.S. or Ph.D. (full fellowship) available at North Carolina State University
08 May 2018 Recent study on carbon capture potential and cost of carbon capture technology application in the U.S. refining industry
24 Apr 2018 Assistant Professor Position in Industrial/Product Design
30 Nov 2017 Methanol Economy in China: Short-term and Long-term Perspectives