Tamar Makov
Be'er-Sheva, Israel
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Dr Makov is an Assistant Professor at the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

Makov investigates how stakeholder’s perceptions, preferences, and behavior, affect the potential to address social and environmental challenges via social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices. Drawing from behavioral economics, industrial ecology, and data science, she combines methods such as psychological experiments, network analysis, and life cycle assessment (LCA), to investigate topics including the sharing economy, sustainable food systems, and planned obsolescence.

Makov has a PhD and MA in Industrial ecology from Yale University, and a B.Sc. in Nutrition Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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Research Interests

Circular Economy, Reuse, Sharing economy, Consumer behavior, Sustainable management, Food systems, Digitalization