Helmut Rechberger
Vienna University of Technology
VIENNA, Austria
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Helmut Rechberger is a full professor for Resource Management at Technische Universität Wien since 2003, leading the Research Unit of Waste and Resource Management. Under his lead the software STAN (world-wide used for MFA studies; www.stan2web.net) has been developed. He is teaching courses in Bachelor and Master Programs of Civil Engineering as well as Environmental Engineering.


Link to my publications: https://iwr.tuwien.ac.at/fileadmin/mediapool-ressourcen/Diverse/Rechberger/Publikationsliste_Homepage_E.pdf

Research Interests

My research interests are: further development of evaluation methods and concepts in waste and resource management including statistical entropy; introduction of mathematical-statistical tools to Material Flow Analysis to consider data uncertainty; resource accounting; recovery of valuable substances from ashes and slag; waste characterization; investigation on morphological and chemical composition of urban stocks including dynamics.
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